Digipreneur Rahul Kumar Pandey’s transition from an engineer to an entrepreneur is every bit inspiring

Smart work over hard work is what defines this 25-year old entrepreneur. Rahul is the Founder of FNF MEDIA, an influencer-cum-PR marketing agency based in Patna. He holds a degree in Bachelor’s in civil engineering. At a very early age, Rahul understood that experience counts more than the educational qualifications and has never shied away from taking risks.

He started working in 2012 as a Twitter influencer at the age of 19 when he was in the first year of his engineering with a dream of starting his own company someday. Rahul simultaneously acquired knowledge about digital marketing, YouTube marketing, website development and public relations. After many trial and errors, he mastered his craft and earned the name ‘Influencer Marketing Guru’ by his peers. He also left his civil engineering job in 2016 to follow his passion and expertise in online marketing. As social media and marketing have been Rahul’s most powerful skills, he worked with some of the best media companies around the world and built a strong network of connections which played an important role in his entrepreneurial journey. Remembering the days of his struggle, he said,

“Whenever I went on the field to cover events, I met new people and learned as much as I could about them. To be a successful entrepreneur, the most important rule is to build strong contacts.”

His life has surely been an adventurous ride. Rahul has received an extreme amount of knowledge about how the media industry works. In the past few years, his entrepreneurial landed him an opportunity to work and interview some of the biggest names in Bollywood and MNCs.

In a year’s time, Rahul Kumar Pandey has claimed his throne in the digital media industry as a reputed social media expert. While serving more than 500 clients in India and overseas, the entrepreneur has set a benchmark and is inspiring thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs. Besides that, he has helped many small-scale brands grow digitally through different campaigns. Working closely with some big celebrities, Rahul led many social media campaigns for the actors, influencers, entrepreneurs and politicians in India. He’s also nominated for the ‘Global Startup Awards By SAARC’ and looking forward for it.

What’s next for Rahul Kumar Pandey?

According to him, he has no plans of restricting himself to the media industry. Besides social media and digital marketing, Rahul is keen to make investments in several other sectors over the next 3 years. He believes that an entrepreneur is someone who invests money rather than saving it. He is planning to launch a news application for IOS and Play-store this year and also looking for a new office space in Mumbai.

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