Boney Kapoor Hints at Approval of Janhvi Kapoor and Shikhar Pahariya’s Relationship?

Will Shikhar Become a Part of the Kapoor Clan?


The rumored relationship between Janhvi Kapoor and Shikhar Pahariya continues to spark conversations in the Bollywood corridors. Often seen enjoying holidays together and spotted at public events, the duo has remained tight-lipped about the status of their relationship. However, recently, Boney Kapoor, Janhvi’s father, shed some light on the matter.

Shikhar Pahariya has been spotted on several occasions spending time with Janhvi Kapoor’s family, and he has also been captured in photographs alongside Janhvi’s father, Boney Kapoor, during public appearances. In a recent interview, Boney Kapoor was asked about Janhvi’s alleged boyfriend, Shikhar Pahariya, and his response spoke volumes.

Boney Kapoor Hints at Approval of Janhvi Kapoor and Shikhar Pahariya's Relationship?When questioned about Shikhar Pahariya, Boney Kapoor didn’t miss the opportunity to praise him. He stated, “I love him. A few years ago, when he wasn’t with Janhvi, I was still friendly with him.” His words hint at the warmth and acceptance he holds for Shikhar, regardless of his relationship status with Janhvi.

Addressing the topic of Janhvi’s relationships, Boney Kapoor further commented, “I was confident that he would never be an ‘ex’ for Janhvi. He will always be around.” With this statement, Boney Kapoor has dropped a significant hint about the future of their relationship, indicating that formal approval might be on the horizon.

As speculation continues to swirl around Janhvi Kapoor and Shikhar Pahariya’s romance, Boney Kapoor’s words have added fuel to the fire, suggesting that Shikhar might soon become an integral part of the Kapoor family. Only time will tell how their love story unfolds in the days to come.

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