Behind Talkies: A Digital Start-up That Keeps Tamil Movie Fans Informed

Behind Talkies: Leading people in business and entrepreneurship experts have a simple answer every time someone asks them about the best idea to start a business. They would say to analyze the market demand and check its existing supply. The moral implication of the analysis, for decades, has helped many companies find that much-needed breakthrough to succeed in their respective industries.

The interests and demands of consumers change with time. Whoever finds out the gap between demand and supply has probably a higher chance of conquering the market. Additionally, the increasing access to the internet has given rise to many needs. Some industries linked with technology are fully over-thronged, while a few new sectors still have untapped growth opportunities.

The founders of Behind Talkies founded a niche that had less competition and more potential to succeed, which was the entertainment industry. They further narrowed down the niche to be only region-specific and covered the more extensive set of consumers who were never a part of targeted customers.

Tamil cinema is giving a solid competition to the Bollywood industry. In fact, in recent years, the standard of films produced in the Tamil industry has been proving transcendent over the movies made in the Bollywood industry. Apart from this, Tamilians leave everyone behind to follow and revere the Tamil TV and film celebrities. The extreme level of Tamil people appreciating and loving film stars need not require any explanation to anyone. The stories of Tamil fans greeting, loving, and revering are popular across India. However, there were very few entertainment news portals available in the Tamil language.

Behind Talkies found this gap as an opportunity to venture. The founders launched Behind Talkies in 2017, making the entertainment portal one of the trailblazers that specifically provided content related to Tamil celebrities. The online portal, since its inception, is providing Tamil fans with the best in quality, authentic and exciting content that revolves around stars, their off-camera lives, and scandals.

Behind Talkies can undeniably reckon as a one-stop destination for Tamil entertainment industry updates. The platform has thousands of articles published on celebrity hot gossip, rumors, scandals, upcoming movie updates, music and movie reviews, celebrity interviews, Bigg Boss Tamil vote, updates about who is dating who, and much more than the platform thinks is worth sharing with its global readers.

Having a creative team of entertainment journalists and editors in the background, Behind Talkies has successfully managed to create itself a respected status in the sphere of entertainment. Based in the southern part of India, the team of Behind Talkies hustled hard for the past few years to grapple with what goes in their favor in online journalism and how they can also be the first to inform their readers about the latest developments in the film industry.

The team has made itself a routine to ensure that they always have new and exciting information in their store on the topics that their readers love to read. One of the commendable things about Behind Talkies is that they have managed to achieve significant growth in this field for any digital entertainment news publishing. Provided that, the five years old startup has become a popular name for Tamil film industry updates among audiences on various digital platforms. The popularity and trust Behind Talkies achieved in the past five years fuel up the people working at Behind Talkies to emphasize publishing quality content over exaggerating speculations and biased content. As it happens when popularity knocks on your door, the social media handles of Behind Talkies also have a massive number of followers.

The team of Behind Talkies has its finger on the pulse of all affairs taking place in the Tamil entertainment industry and strives to share new and exciting stories every day through a bunch of excellent writers.

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