Amidst the questions arising on the making of Adipurush, the director gave this statement


Adipurush Ramayana, which had a 500 crore budget, is still the subject of continuous dispute. Although the movie’s trailer has been out for almost a week, people are still protesting and voicing their disapproval of it today. Even if the movie’s teaser did not win over the public’s favour, many critics predicted its failure before it even opened. The movie, which is based on the Hindu classic Ramayana, is the target of petitions and calls for a boycott. In the middle of the protests, Om Raut’s statement over the alteration to the movie has also gained attention.

Have faith in us, he commanded. We consider ourselves to be the primary audience and pay attention to any advise that is offered to us. I can tell you that we won’t let anyone down when this movie debuts on January 12, 2023, he stated. Count on us to finish the job. He never stated, though, that he would edit the movie in any way. Let us inform you that the film stars Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, and Kriti Sanon in the lead parts.

What did Om Raut have to say about Adipurush’s transformation?

We have only watched the teaser of Adipurush, which is only 95 seconds long, when asked if director Om Raut is prepared to make any modifications to his movie. We are keeping track of everything, I repeat. No one will be let down, I promise. It appears from the director’s statements that he is not in the mood to adjust the movie in any way. In addition, he stated that he would not change even before this, when he was questioned here. Let us say that the movie has finished filming and is currently undergoing professional production. Let’s just say that Saif Ali Khan will portray Lankesh, Kriti Sonan will play Janki, and Prabhas will play Ram in the movie. The movie makes extensive use of CGI and VFX. The movie portrays the tale of Sita being taken hostage by Ravana and being rescued by Lord Rama in Lanka.

There will be no changes in the film Adipurush

Media reports claim that the producers have decided to keep the film’s visual effects the same as what was seen in the Adipurush teaser. People who have watched the 3D trailer have called the movie a success, despite the fact that it has received a lot of criticism on YouTube. The film’s creators also claim that the movie’s graphics won’t undergo any alterations. In the meantime, Om Raut has argued in the ongoing debate about the movie that we developed it for the younger generation who watch Marvel movies and have watched movies like The Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man, and Iron Man. We are introducing the Ramayana to the younger generation through Adi Purush. She continued by saying that if we don’t speak to them in their own language, they won’t be able to comprehend what we’re saying.


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