Adipurush: How Bollywood Biggest Perception Turnaround Became a Game-Changer

After Adipurush Trailer Release, Trade Experts Discuss Skyrocketing Expectations for Film's Success.


Filmmaker Om Raut’s Adipurush has undergone an eventful journey from its inception to the release of its trailer, deviating from the typical plotline of a feature film that portrays the journey of its characters. However, it appears that the film’s tumultuous journey may have come to an end, as it is now expected to have a smooth release without any further surprises.

In our conversation with multiple industry experts regarding Adipurush’s promotional campaign, it was noted that the campaign began on a positive note with the release of impressive and eye-catching posters. However, the teaser released last year did not work in the film’s favor, according to their assessments.

Industry experts express reservations about Adipurush teaser

During our discussion, renowned trade analyst Taran Adarsh expressed his candid opinion on the Adipurush teaser, stating that he did not like it and had been vocal about his criticisms in various interviews. He also mentioned sharing his thoughts with Prabhas and Om Raut when he met them at the trailer launch event.

Adipurush: How Bollywood Biggest Perception Turnaround Became a Game-Changer
Adipurush: How Bollywood Biggest Perception Turnaround Became a Game-Changer

According to exhibitor Akshaye Rathi, the promotional material leading up to the teaser left him questioning the overall vision of the film, despite his trust in Om Raut’s filmmaking skills. However, he noted that the teaser provided some vindication for those initial doubts about the film’s look and feel. Rathi also emphasized that he and others in the industry still have faith in Raut’s abilities as a cinematic storyteller, despite some concerns about the teaser’s underwhelming visual effects and peculiar atmosphere.

Industry experts praise Adipurush’s new promotional material

The recently released trailer of Adipurush has pleasantly surprised industry experts, who had previously expressed their reservations about the film’s promotional material. Taran Adarsh shared his positive reaction to the trailer, stating that he found it to be a marked improvement over the teaser and even the posters, which he could barely recall after being disappointed by the teaser. Adarsh highlighted the impact of Hanuman ji’s poster and the “Jai Shri Ram” chant in the film’s promotion, which ultimately culminated in a trailer that he found to be impressive in both 3D and 2D formats. He described the difference between the teaser and trailer as being as stark as the contrast between the North and South poles.

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Similarly, Akshaye Rathi shared similar feelings, noting that the recent promotional material for Adipurush, including the new posters and trailer, seem to indicate that the filmmakers have made significant improvements. Rathi observed that the film’s visual style and storytelling approach now appear to be much more agreeable and engaging compared to earlier promotional material, suggesting that the filmmakers have taken the necessary steps to get their act together.

Adipurush’s original release date was in January, but the filmmakers opted to delay the film’s release by six months to improve the VFX and visual quality of the film. This decision appears to have paid off, according to senior trade analyst Atul Mohan, who believes that the filmmakers deserve credit for taking into account the response to the teaser and making necessary improvements to the film.

Experts’ reactions to the delayed release of Adipurush

Atul Mohan praised the filmmakers for their decision to delay Adipurush’s release and make necessary improvements to the film after the negative response to the teaser. According to him, it takes courage to invest more money in a project that has already incurred significant costs. However, he believes that when the public expresses dissatisfaction, it’s important to acknowledge and rectify the issues to meet their expectations. Mohan suggests that admitting shortcomings and delaying a film requires a positive attitude and appreciation from the public, as it demonstrates the filmmakers’ commitment to delivering a quality product.

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Atul Mohan also discussed what he enjoyed about the Adipurush trailer. He appreciated the glimpses of the action and the grandeur of the film, particularly the depiction of the Shiv Ling. He noted that Ramayan is an important part of Indian culture, and while television adaptations have had to make compromises in terms of production value, Adipurush has been made for the big screen with no such limitations. Therefore, the filmmakers were able to spend generously and create a lavish production.

Adipurush: How Bollywood Biggest Perception Turnaround Became a Game-Changer
Adipurush: How Bollywood Biggest Perception Turnaround Became a Game-Changer

Girish Johar, a producer and film business expert, shared his thoughts on the trailer of Adipurush, stating that the teaser confused everyone and made them think it was a caricature-ish film. However, he is pleased that the makers listened to the audience feedback and came back with a more exciting trailer, which he believes will have an impact at the box office. Johar feels that the trailer builds up intrigue and awareness for the film, and the feedback given by the audience was taken by the makers to their advantage. He added that liking or disliking a film is subjective and the makers have made changes to be ahead of their time.

Adipurush: How Bollywood Biggest Perception Turnaround Became a Game-Changer
Adipurush: How Bollywood Biggest Perception Turnaround Became a Game-Changer

Expert Insights on Adipurush

According to Akshaye Rathi, the teaser was actually a blessing in disguise for the makers because it helped them to improve the film. He believes that the feedback they received from the audience allowed them to work towards a better version of the film, and the new trailer seems to reflect that. He also thinks that a delay of six months is perfectly fine if it means that the final product will be great. Rathi points out that, as someone who has worked in the entertainment business, he can see that the elements were present in the teaser, but they weren’t coming together seamlessly. However, in the trailer, everything seems to be working well together.

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According to the experts, the style of storytelling is what appeals to the audience the most in a film like Adipurush, which is based on the Ramayan. They believe that this is going to be the most unique and visually spectacular version of the Ramayan ever made. The box office performance of such a big-scale film is crucial, and Taran Adarsh predicts a grand opening for Adipurush because of the emotional connection people have with the Ramayan. The experts believe that the grandeur of the film and the popularity of Prabhas as a big star are secondary factors compared to the main attraction of the story itself.

Industry experts predict grand opening for Adipurush

Rathi thinks that the opening of Adipurush could be around Rs. 35 to 40 crores all languages combined, depending on how the marketing and communication around the film plays out. He believes that Prabhas’ star power will attract audiences in the Telugu-speaking states, and the story of Ramayan retold in a spectacular way will appeal to the rest of the country. Johar agrees that Adipurush has the advantage of being a family film, which would attract audiences who want to watch a big spectacle and relive the classic.

The film, produced by T-Series and Retrophiles, features Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh, and Devdatte Nage in the lead roles and is set to release in theatres on June 16.

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