What! Dharmenda Didn’t Meet Hema Malini from Last One Year

When we see the world suffering from the second waves of Covid 19, we see India hitting hard. We often hear a lot about the number of deaths taking place everywhere. There came many stories of how people have suffered and even B Town was not an exception. Many of the B Town celebrities also tested positive for the virus and got the treatment. However, one of the interesting stories came from the veteran actor Dharmendra who said he has not met his wife for the past one year.

Yes, all thanks to the Covid that has played havoc with human contact and bonding between the two people who came so close to one another that seemed to have been considered inseparable. Hema Malini and her hubby Dharam pa ji have remained a real life couple but as per the latest buzz, they have stayed away for more than a year. The moment the covid turned ugly, the veteran actor kept himself locked in a farmhouse at the outskirts of Mumbai city to keep away from the madding crowd of Mumbai City.

As per Hema Malini, staying in the farmhouse seems to be best for his safety. Right from the first day of the lockdown, he has been staying close to nature so that he can easily get away from the crisis that mankind has been facing since the past one year. She said if she wants to save him she needs to be strong and make sacrifices and then only she will become ahead to do the job. 

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