Story of a Music Video Actress And Producer Naaz Joshi

I was always the greatest fan of late actress Sridevi. I couldn’t meet her ever. In 2017 I decided to dedicate an iconic number to her, so I produced “Kate Nahi Kat Te” revisited. I didn’t have enough money to carry out the video, and by February 2018, I heard the sudden demise of a late actress.

I was taken aback. We thought of now doing this video in a different way by wearing her memorable saree and creating her moments on the screen. Then my co-actor and my ex-boyfriend Mohsin khan died in an accident. Again this video came on hold, we started looking for many male models but none of them were ready to act with trans woman. In the year 2019, the male singer Gagan Joshi had a brain tumor and he went into a coma and finally passed away. 2020-2021 we saw pandemics and lockdowns.

Now I found a male co-actor but I couldn’t find a director, and I found two boys who did cinematography and direction. Coming from a small town They both were transphobic, They never took me seriously and did very bad editing. All this I suffered because I was a trans woman. Finally, I edited this video on my mobile phone on inshot app and released it on Valentine’s day. Despite my Hardwork and paying them, they deleted all my beautiful-looking clips.

Are we still living in a society that doesn’t want to accept us in power???

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