Searching for Sheela Trailer Out: Catch the glimpse of the Netflix film

Today, the steaming giant, has released the first trailer of the upcoming film called Searching for Sheela. The film has an interesting documentary that revolves around the spiritual leader called Osho along with Ma Anand Sheela. The chapter of the movie has an interesting story wherein it explores the documentary series called Wild Wild Country. As you check the description coming from Netflix claims that it was seen focusing over her personality and the movie talks about the journey that goes via India. 

It is becoming reminiscing and homecoming along with the early life that is seen coming up with what comes next. While talking about the same, Shakun Batra claimed that she was very much impressed by the life of Sheela and her life reaching after 35 years has been going great. This has helped in investigating the piece in order to give the observation of any person that remains a very much questionable post in life terms.

He was seen talking about the journey that is seen grabbing the expectations of the society that remain an ex-convict and thus is seen getting along with something really interesting. The movie gives the best of the identity. If you have not received  any buzz with the film, stay tuned and check the trailer as under:

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