Priyanka Chopra Turns Fund Raiser for COVID 19 Crisis on Social Media

The global icon Priyanka Chopra is known for many things. Right from being active in Hollywood to remaining popular on social media, she remains vocal for social causes all the time. In this tough time of calamity when her country is suffering from the tough waves of pandemic, she has come forward to churn out a campaign on social media to raise good money and resources for the people suffering from the second wave pandemic. In this grim situation we see many of the B Town celebs remaining vocal on this issue. 

We saw Akshay Kumar donating, while Salman Khan is helping the daily wage workers in this lockdown. They are facing some critical shortage of oxygen supplies and the medicines along with the injections. She posted a long video on Instagram where she said she and people need to care about it. She said she is based in London and hears horrifying stories from her friends and families of people found in ICUs and even in their vehicles waiting for the treatment. 

She said she being part of a global community needs to care and she has to rise up for her country to make sure everyone remains safe from the menace. She then appealed for the pandemic asking people to donate whatever capacity they can. Well, you need to check the long post as under, have a look at the same:

Stay tuned to know more about Pee Cee and others.

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