Path-breaking musical web series “Gulzar Kahan Se Laoge?” By Gaonwala Conceptz studiioz’s Youtube channel on the roll

Music is the essence of life. How beautiful it would be to narrate a story through a musical series. The unique Idea of soulful musical series is crafted and created by Dhananjay Singh Masoom along with Sanjay R Pande who is the idea executor and creative director of ‘’Gulzar Kahan Se Laoge”. The series is under the banner of Gaonwala Conceptz studiioz.

It is a love story of those who are looking at questioning and experiencing their lives with ‘Love’. It shows the ups and downs of their lives. With love everything is possible.

The musical has been beautifully directed and shot by Bithin Das. The talented singer Deepti Mishra has sung through the episodes with music created by Ripul Sharma and Ved Mishra. The series is Co-produced by Nand Kumar and it stars Samit Shetty and Pragati Mishra.

The first episode of the romantic musical series named ‘Tujhe Chhoone Ki Hai Zaroorat Kya’ was released on 27th January 2021.

There are 50 plus episodes conceptualized and created by the makers, out of which 5 episodes will be releasing in the first season and later are to be followed in the sequel in upcoming seasons. The series has tried to portray love from different angles and emotions. It is confusing yet comforting.
So, stay tuned to find out more about musical love

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