OMG: Shaan Questions Yo Yo Honey Singh’s ‘musicality’

The veteran singer Shaan has always been seen jumping and bubbling. Thanks to his happy attitude and at times, he even takes the jibe of these. His understanding of music has remained popular and so is the case of the rap songs. However, he was recently seen taking a jibe on fellow singer and rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh and he went on to say that he has no musicality. He then gave a couple of examples from Yo Yo Honey Singh’s albums as well.

While taking the jibe, Shaan said he has reduced the level and standard of the music in our country and claimed that his understanding of music seems to be weak. ALthough Shaan is not able to name Honey in a big way but he claimed that songs like Sunny Sunny, Chaar Botal Vodka, Lungi Dance and others lack with no proper music. He further added saying that the Record labels may not prefer giving the best as it happens to be a great music that tends to become very much popular these days.

While giving his interview with the portal Ask Me India, Shaan said that the people do not have the sense for music and very less are known to have the same. We need to be musically educated and all we can do is to consider a good taste for music all the time. So, whenever we get the chance to give good music we should not defy doing so. Hence the focus of the newborn singers and musicians is to put efforts in this regard. 

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