Kartik Raman: The mind and soul behind India’s Most Unique Musical Idea – Amol Vani 2.0

Kartik Raman sets a perfect example, if you work diligently hard with passion for your work, destiny will surely knock on your doors. The young talent achieved marvellous success in the music industry with his pro knowledge of music, melodious voice and path-breaking Ideas.

Kartik’s musical journey started at a young age of 4 and over the years he travelled across the lengths and breadths of India. Kartik is a Tamilian born in the North and raised in 7 states across north, south, east and west. This has played a vital role in shaping him up as a person and as a musician. The diversity of a country like India is also shown in Kartik’s Music who sings in almost 8 Indian Languages.

Kartik has always been fascinated by the indegenous Knowledge and Wisdom of India that has survived for more than 5000 years now and is still thriving. He is not just a musician but an ardent researcher who is always reading, studying and travelling to dig deep into the Indian Roots.

This was the spark that ignited the fire of Kartik Raman Path breaking Idea – Amol Vani 2.0™

Amol means Invaluable and Vani means “Oral Tradition”. Kartik’s “Amol Vani” refers to the Invaluable wisdom and knowledge of India that has been transferred from one generation to another for thousands of years through the medium of “Vani” i.e. the Oral tradition. The 2.0 in “Amol Vani 2.0™ ” refers to how his focus is on presenting this ancient wisdom in a modern and cool Musical 2.0 Avatar. He believes that its important to hand over the ancient knowledge to the next generation, but in a manner that is palatable to them. He quotes : Its just like a mother trying to feed the Roti and Subji to her kids, but serving it in an interesting and unique manner, so that the kids eat it without resistance.

Under this path-breaking Idea of Amol Vani 2.0™ , Kartik is surely set on a journey that no one else has taken yet.
He has released several songs that are bringing back the ancient Indian wisdom and knowledge to Gen Z in a cool musical avatar. Kartik studies Indian History and culture and then puts together relevant wisdom and knowledge in the form of a song.

The lyrics of these songs play a crucial role, because to concise the wisdom and knowledge in a few lines of a song, where the essence of a musical song also remains intact, is a challenging task. His team mate Tarini Chandrashekhar does this beautifully for all the songs penned for Amol Vani 2.0™. His latest series under Amol Vani 2.0™ – “Songs of Festivals” has taken the audience by storm. This series focuses on the scientific and logical aspects of the Indian festivals and why they are celebrated. This will help Gen Z to know about why we do what we do during festivals.

Similarly his other songs under Amol Vani 2.0™ like “Kabir Konnection” which brings back the wisdom of Saint Kabir Das Doha’s to people in a fun song format and “New Age Bharatiyar Song” which brings back the Tamil Freedom fighter and Poet Bharatiyar’s writings and wisdoms to the youngsters, has been path breaking and unique.
Kartik believes that Amol Vani 2.0™ is a paradigm shift in the way people will perceive and listen to music.

He says music is not just about entertainment but can also be used as a supremely powerful tool to communicate deep thoughts and ideas , because music has the power to touch and penetrate our hearts in miraculous ways.

Today Kartik has made his own unique space in the industry with his path breaking ideas and meaningful music. Best wishes to the prominent future of the music industry for future endeavors.

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