Jubin Nautiyal Father Was Upset With Nikita Dutta, Know What He Said On Dating Rumours

Recently, singer Jubin Nautiyal song ‘Mast Nazron Se’ has become quite viral on the internet. Rumors of Nikita Dutta and Jubin dating each other are doing the rounds. Watching the chemistry in the song of Nikita and Jubin, the audience loved both of them a lot and liked the song as well. Soon after, pictures of both of them started being shared on the internet and rumors started spreading that the two were dating each other.

However, recently Jubin Nautiyal has clarified during an interview given to ‘Hindustan Times‘ that nothing is cooking between the two. He told that both of them are very good friends. Actress Nikita Dutta and Jubin Nautiyal are not dating each other, it is just a rumor which is becoming very viral on the internet.

He said, “These are all rumours! Nikita is my very, very dear friend.” Taking his point further during the same interview, Jubin also told that Nikita is a very intelligent and understanding actress, she is not at all impressed by the fact that netizens are spreading such rumors about both of them. At the same time, he says that ‘Kabir Singh’ actress Nikita knows very well how rumors are spread about people belonging to the film industry.

Jubin Nautiyal Family was Upset With The Rumour

Singer Jubin Nautiyal With Family
Singer Jubin Nautiyal With Family

Jubin told that it was very difficult to convince Singer’s family after rumors of engagement between Nikita and him spread. Singer says that when this news went viral, my family members said, “Now such a situation has come that we are getting to know about your engagement from the news.” Jubin says that it was a very difficult task to make it clear to the family that these news are just rumours. But still he explained with great difficulty to his family that these news are just rumors spread by social media.

Let us tell you that in the song ‘Mast Nazaron Se’ released on 31 March, there is a scene of engagement of singer Jubin Nautiyal and Nikita Dutta, which has been filmed very beautifully. After the release of the song, the audience in the market felt that maybe Jubin and Nikita really got engaged. Due to this, netizens picked up some pictures of the couple and started sharing them on social media, in which it was written in the caption that both were dating each other and now they have also got engaged.

Watch Mast Nazron Se Featuring Jubin nautiyal and Nikita Dutta

Let us tell you that Jubin Nautiyal is a very popular singer in today’s time, whose almost every song is a superhit among the audience. Talking about Nikita Dutta, this actress, who started her acting career with a TV serial, decided to travel to films on her own. She came into the audience after playing an actress in the film ‘Kabir Singh’, after which she acted as a lead actress in the film Dybbuk after Emraan Hashmi.

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