Deepak Saraswat, a film director, raises his voice for the oppressed in real life as well

Following the Corona outbreak, the country’s situation has deteriorated to the point where those who earlier worked for the benefit of society are now unable to continue their social contribution. People are finding it tough to continue doing all of this due to the deteriorating economic situation. In such a situation, several social workers, including film director Deepak Saraswat, continue to participate in social service with the same spouse. Saraswat has been conducting social work for many years, not just during Corona’s reign. His approach to social service is unique in that he not only provides cash assistance to the underprivileged, but he also employs them according to their abilities.

Let us tell you that there have been numerous situations in India when victims and exploited persons have been unable to oppose the case. In such a situation, Deepak Saraswat has fought and won numerous lawsuits on behalf of the exploited. Deepak Saraswat is also well-known for donating to underprivileged families. He has aided hundreds of families financially to date.

Deepak Saraswat is a filmmaker as well. In the early days of his Bollywood career, he made various television commercials and short films, including Ishqiyapanti, Khushi, and others. After working on a number of short films and commercials, he moved on to full-length feature films and opted to make Roohani, a horror picture. Deepak Saraswat is the director and writer of the film Roohani. The movie will be released on the big screen in the near upcoming days. Saraswat is also now working on a number of Bollywood projects. When asked about the projects, Deepak remained tight-lipped, stating only that it includes films as well as some music records.

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