Abhishek Bachchan’s Reaction on being compared with Pratik Gandhi too Intriguing to Miss

Abhishek Bachchan has always been sagacious and wicked when it comes to replying to any troll or reacting to any rude comment coming to him. He has faced too many critical remarks for being a starkid to his performance and other things. Hence when his film The Big Bull was released, it turned into an interesting piece of debate as many vouched for his performance, while others condemned him by comparing with Pratiek Gandhi of a web series of similar subject at Disney Plus Hotstar.

But as usual, Junior Bachchan was smart enough to handle the critic when he called him to be a third class actor and Pratiek to be superior in his role in the said web series. Well, you need to check how Junior reacted to the same as under:

First check what the critic has to say about it and then the reaction from Junior: 

To his reply, the critic again slammed the actor saying how come people find his reply to be cool and he himself is a bully and rude as he cannot take his audience’s feedback on him. Check it out:

This time Junior stood quite but his fans thrashed his critic:

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