Meet Nick Gomez: Empowers People to Create Better Lives as a Public Speaker.


Crypto currency is an emerging industry, and Nick wants to be at its forefront. As a Public Speaker, he has the opportunity to help people understand how it can change their lives. In reality, you could say this industry found him. Trading and investing fascinated him, even from an early age. This made it even more exciting to be a part of something so groundbreaking.Unfortunately, Nick had to overcome a lot of opposition in the beginning. When you enter such a new industry, as Nick did, people around you are bound to be skeptical. This only proved to him why he needed to pursue it even more.

Nick Gomez knew he had the power to make a difference. Recognizing the struggles his mother faced raising a family as a single parent, he decided at the age of 17 to find a way to change his family’s trajectory. Nick found his answer as an empowering Public Speaker in the promising crypto currency industry. He takes everything he knows about this new age of digital currency and breaks it down into something consumable for people of all ages. Through his myswipecoin app, he educates over 40,000 students in trade investments.

Life doesn’t come without challenges. For Nick, he’s learned that mental barriers can create a lack of confidence. Without confidence you won’t have follow-through. What’s important is staying consistent and providing lasting results. How do you do that? By developing a strong mindset. Your mindset will get you most of the way there. Once you have conquered your mind, you can ride the roller coaster without being phased by the ups and downs. You will experience fear. But Nick believes that behind fear, there are blessings. Fear is only a barrier, creating an illusion before the most blissful opportunities and accomplishments.

To find success, Nick says you need to know what you are passionate about. Your passion will fuel you to solve a problem, making you the solution. For Nick, his passion is seeing growth in others. It motivated him to use crypto currency as an avenue to teach people to make better lives for themselves. His system consists of offering market ideas, guidance through chat, and goLive sessions. Nick also travels the world hosting conferences and meetups to empower others. He is successful because he gets to do what he loves. “I genuinely care for the community and my students. People over profits has always been my motto and I believe highly in service to others,” he says.

What’s next for Nick? He has his sights set on a Crypto Hedge Fund as an exciting extension of his services. You can follow him on Instagram @nickkgomez.


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