Ishita Gupta is all praises for THIS contestant from Salman Khan’s Big Boss 16


Well it might sound surprising but London based Indian actor Ishita Gupta actually is following Bigg Boss 16 which is the sixteenth season of the Indian Hindi-language reality TV series Bigg Boss. It premiered on Colors TV and is hosted by the Indian superstar Salman Khan.

Ishita Gupta is all praises and is rooting for Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and the two seem be friends since they both follow each other on instagram. Ishita follows only five people from her instagram handle @ishitarehagupta and we all know unless you actually are friends with the model she wouldn’t even care about one’s existence. The model has had been proposed by the who’s and who’s with the weirdest dowries one can ever imagine only to get rejected according to the British tabloid Daily Star which talks about Ishita rejecting a dowry of a fleet of camels for her hand in marriage but she seems to adore this season’s Big Boss contestant Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and appears to be quite protective about her as appears from her instagram. Yes! Ishita Gupta was proposed for marriage by a Bahraini prince who she is close friends with but she said a firm no to him as she was obstinate about moving to London and according to her point of view, her partner has to be UK based. Ever since she moved to UK she has been penning down various suspicious love notes on instagram but we can’t tell if it’s aimed at anyone or just a generic caption. Most of her captions or statuses have Harry Potter references to them so one thing we can say for sure – Ishita is a huge Harry Potter fan! Well seems like lately she’s a Big Boss 16 fan as well only because of her friend Priyanka Chahar Choudhary.

Ishita Gupta penned a note on her instagram story where she wrote, “Honestly I don’t have time to watch TV at all but I started watching BB because Pari was going inside and I’m so proud of how she’s conducting herself.”

This year the season of this tv series is unique in its own way, where not only Big Boss itself is so empathetic towards the contestants but even the host himself has been seen in a paternal light like never before towards all the contestants. Every week, the audiences get to witness special guest appearances of top-notch celebrities and some of the names of the most unique celebrities who graced the show this year were the eternally beautiful Simi Garewal and the legendary Dharmendra.

“Can’t wait to see Pari lift the trophy” wrote Ishita in another story. Well it seems like she’s indeed following the show which might be surprising as this came after she herself turned down participating in Love Island, the British dating game show as she is against having her private life under public spectacle. Although it’s hard to believe that there is no man in this gorgeous stunner’s life but there is no evidence to prove so.

According to sources the actress Ishita Gupta has also given her team strict instructions to vote for her favourite contestant priyanka whether she gets to watch the show or not as she’s in London currently and might not be able to keep up with the show.

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